Dresden Agreement

(1) The lease is after. 1 Terms and conditions for temporary tenancy and expires at the end of the deadline set by contract, termination or termination contract. On the basis of the terms of the agreement, Frederick recognized Francis as the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In exchange, he kept control of Silesia. In fact, the underprivileged side was Saxony, which had to pay a million dollars in reparations to Prussia. Overall, the agreement ratified and confirmed the principles of the Wroclaw Treaty and the Berlin Treaty. The agreement officially ended the Second Silesia War. [1] [2] (2) In dwellings where SWD offers its own Internet connection and manages the housing network itself, rent covers Internet access. In order to (activate) the Internet connection in the relevant rental room, a specific use agreement must be entered into with SWD on the basis of the current terms of use. In order to avoid duplication between de-derisation at international and European level, to the benefit of contributors and users of standards, as well as to improve the effectiveness of standardisation at European and international level, CEN and CENELEC have signed agreements with their respective international partners, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on the rules of cooperation. In October 2016, the IEC, which publishes the vast majority of international standards for electrical and electronic equipment and systems, and CENELEC, their European equivalent, signed the Frankfurt Agreement, which will strengthen harmonisation between international and European standards.

CENELEC is working closely with its international counterpart, the International Electrical Commission (IEC). In order to facilitate a consensus process between European and international standardisation activities in the electricity sector, CENELEC and IEC formalized the framework of their cooperation by signing a “joint programming agreement for new work and parallel votes” in 1996, known as the Dresden Agreement. Nevertheless, the Vienna agreement allows the CEN or ISO to carry out standardisation activities on the same subject if deemed necessary. The Joint ISO-CEN Coordinating Group of the Technical Boards plays an important strategic role in monitoring the implementation of the Viennese Agreement and consulting with the CEN`s Senior Technical Committee and the ISO Technical Technical Committee on all matters related to the Viennese Agreement, including the need for revisions. In September 2001, a revised version (version 3.3) of the “Vienna” agreement was published, which reduced the agreement itself to the essential principles of cooperation between ISO and the NEC. Overall, the current version of international standardization gives priority and gives more importance to ISO leadership than previous versions. For example, ISO standards can only be revised under ISO`s direction, regardless of their origin.