Rutgers Collective Bargaining Agreement

This agreement enters into force from July 1, 2018 until June 30, 2022. CONSIDERING that the Union recognises that Rutgers has agreed to make such inferences in accordance with Article V.B of the parties` collective agreement and Schedule B, which are applied simultaneously; and H. 3. Applications for an extension of one of the deadlines set out in this appeal procedure can only be filed by mutual agreement of the university and the AAUP-AFT. B. In addition to the release period described above, the Chairman of the AAUP-AFT Bargaining Committee will receive up to three (3) exemption credits per semester, which will begin at the beginning of the last year of the agreement in order to prepare and participate in negotiations on a subsequent collective agreement and each semester during which these negotiations will take place. The agreement between Rutgers University and AAUP-AFT for winter summer instructors guarantees the rights listed below. All of the following articles are listed in this treaty. In accordance with Section 117, Point (d) of the Internal Income Code, there is a qualified education reduction program that offers qualified education discounts for teaching assistants and university assistants covered by this agreement. Under this program, there are no university fees or computer fees required, unless, in the case of a part-time TA/GA who is a full-time student, education assistance is limited to the applicable full-time college fee minus part-time college fees for the student`s school or university, plus computer fees.

Minimum wages for the above-mentioned securities are the minimum wages under Article 8 of the collective agreement between the AAUP-AFT and the university for equivalent rank titles. B. 1. A complaint must be filed in writing with the Office of Academic Labor Relations within four (4) months from the date on which the victim should reasonably have known of the alleged violation or within twenty (20) working days following the onset of the alleged violation, if the victim requests an expedited schedule. The written statement of the complaint indicates the allegations that are made in the complaint as Category 1 or 2; contains a statement of facts about the complaint; The provisions or provisions of the agreement, policies, agreements or administrative decisions that have been violated, mis implemented or misinterpreted; and sets the requested discharge. In addition, if the content of the complaint relates to a dispute between the members of the unit, the claim must provide evidence of the efforts made with the appropriate Dean to resolve the matter. These informal resolution efforts do not affect the timetables of this procedure.