Terrapin Row Lease Agreement

A surety is the co-signer and financial support of the lease. This person must meet the income and credit requirements of the qualifications to be approved above. The guarantor in the account will also sign the rental agreement and will have access to the resident portal to make payments and manage the resident account. The surety is also responsible for all the terms of the lease. Once your lease is signed, you will be fully responsible for this contract. If you want to terminate your lease, you need to find someone to take over the lease and pay the relocation fee. The new applicant must pass the credit, background and deportation check before being admitted to take over your rental agreement. Rental rates are based on the rental days described in your lease; this amount is then divided into payments identical to those maturing on the 1st of each month. Late delays and fees are described in your rental agreement. Anyone who wishes to live in our community must take stock of criminal history and rent history and meet our income and credit requirements. The minimum income requirement is 3 times the monthly rental price of the plan you requested.

If you don`t meet these requirements, don`t get angry, we have many ways to help you get approved. The specific options you have are based on your screening results and range from adding a deposit to co-sign your lease, authorizing The Guarantors or even paying a higher down payment. Once you apply, it takes between 4 hours of business and 2 days to get your test results. As soon as your results are available, we will turn to them if there are other steps necessary to approve you. If your results return as fully approved, we will send you the lease within 24-48 hours of business. Keep in mind that your building is not booked until your lease has been signed by all parties, including the real estate administrator. We accept applications up to 1 year before the date of the move. We may also accept requests for immediate removal at any time.

Follow our social media pages and drop off a host card for the latest information on available rental terms and rentals.