A Silent Agreement (2017)

The film, premiered on September 28, 2017 in Sydney, Australia, at the height of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, immediately drew attention to its undisguised depiction of same-sex relationships, without an act of coming out, homophobia or the sex industry. [8] Effectively shows a piece of everyday life for a couple who happen to be two men. [9] [10] The film also brought Paul Mercurio back to the forefront. On April 11, 2017, during a live interview for The Morning Show, hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies attempted to talk about Strictly Ballroom`s 25th anniversary, but Paul continued to return to A Silent Agreement. [11] It aired in Promised a few months later. In the first Australian feature film that shows Auslan (Australian Sign Language), writer and director Davo Hardy plays a sensitive writer named Reuben, who does not deal with a speech barrier when his friend Derek (played by Joshua Sealy) delivers strategies to regain his self-confidence. When he finds the courage to present an autobiographical script to his favorite actor (played by Paul Mercurio), this new industrial manager betrays Ruben by claiming that the ideas are his own. Reuben must use his new affirmation to proactively find catharsis and personal justice. The film has been submitted to many festivals for its use of Auslan and qualified as a foreign language film. Many LGBT-related festivals and organizations related to the deaf and disabled have praised A Silent Agreement for its authentic performances of deaf characters with deaf actors. [12] [13] The plot is that of Reuben (played by Davo Hardy) who, with the help of his deeply deaf friend (played by Joshua Sealy), overcomes a language handicap through the use of Auslan. After building enough of Ruben`s confidence to promote his higher ambitions, Derek contacted an Australian canvas legend, Gareth (played by Paul Mercurio), to support Reuben in his fledgling career.

But shortly after seeing the potential in Reuben`s autobiographical script, Gareth takes over the project to his advantage and cleans up the story for a wider audience, cutting Reuben out of the equation. Forced to go back to the courage and self-realization he gained through experience, Ruben opposes his tyrant and gains the support of those who once opposed it for the greater moral well-being. [5] [6] When Reuben becomes more confident, Derek convinces him to send his recently finalized autobiographical script to a lucky but still famous actor, Gareth Donahue (Paul Mercurio), and his life changes forever. A special mention must go to Paul Mercurio, whom many of you will know from his lead role in Baz Luhrman`s strictly ballroom in the 90s. He is brilliant here. As Gareth, he gives such an honest and truthful performance, free of ego and self-confidence that it is a pleasure to be reminded of his acting gifts.