Storage Service Level Agreement Template

For cloud computing via AWS, services are arranged on behalf of the customer; Costs are passed on at no extra charge. An SLA typically uses technical definitions that quantify the level of service, for example. B the mean time between failures (MTBF) or the average repair time (MTTR) which indicates a target or minimum value for the service power. For customers who arrange top-up or pass through services, the fee is billed at the end of each month in the Pinnacle billing system and then transferred to FIS Banner. Questions about billing or certain charges should be emailed to For each charging service, a fare package is sent to the Campus Direct Costing Committee, which contains all applicable models. You can find more information here: UCSC Recharge Consulting Here you define the responsibilities of both the service provider and the customer. The current organization receives or provides storage services, both inside and outside the organization. One of the main challenges is to ensure that these services are provided as expected in terms of timeliness, quality and completeness of the provision and that the rights and obligations of the provider and the recipient are clearly defined. A service level agreement aims to do this by clearly defining the expectations, rights and obligations of all contracting parties. Penalties for non-compliance and collection of service fees are usually also part of the SLA. The Storage Service Level Agreement is specifically written and defines services and requirements for performance, customer support and troubleshooting, change control, security, disaster management, and other requirements of vendors and recipients at all levels of storage (technical definition) and applications (enterprise definition).