The Crew

The team behind the making of the film:

Marc Dole, Producer

Michael Venn, Producer
Musical Connection: Lost Nation Road

Michael Venn is a producer, writer, director, musician, and dad (not necessarily in that order). He’s played drums in several bands over the years beginning with the avant-guard jazz band “Prajna” that found it’s home in the downtown jazz scene of NYC’s Knitting Factory. The folk/rock trio “The Dan Blakeslee 3”, the moody indie-rock group “the Water Section”, and most recently Michael is playing and recording with “Lost Nation Road” who’s music has been featured in Juston McKinney’s web series “Hosed” and the feature comedy “Hannah has a Ho-Phase”. His film work began with Marc Dole in “Tweet”, he later made his writer/director debut in the short film “Dark Scribbles” and most recently is collaborating as producer and co-director with Dole in the feature documentary “In Danger of Being Discovered”.

Karlina Lyons, Producer

Jon McCormack, Producer
Musical Connection: Fly Spinach Fly, Starch, Museum of Science, Camarojuana, Swamp Yankee, Bling Cherry

Hi. I’m Jon McCormack and I’m a guitarist, songwriter, singer, teacher and muisc producer from New Hampshire. I’ve played in a lot of bands, written a lot of songs, played a lot of shows, made a lot of friends, collected some amazing stories and I know all of this just the beginning.

I’ve shared the stage with some big names on some big stages and I’ve slugged it out in small clubs. I feel comfortable onstage – in my element. I’m compelled to write music. It comes to me when I’m not thinking about it, when I get out of the way and just let it happen, which is easier said than done.

I can do tasteful and refined and I can do it well but I’m most comfortable with powerful, grooving, edgy, comedic and melodic.

I love it when it feels like the wheels might come off at any moment…and then they don’t…the same feeling you get from going too fast in a hot car or jumping from too high into cold water. A little danger in your music goes a long way.

Now I get to check “Co-Producer of a Music Documentary that takes place in the scene I gre up in and love…” off my bucket list. This has been a great project and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

Media and Marketing Contact: Leslie Poston, Magnitude Media