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Like many of you I have fond memories of the local music scene's 'hey day' in and around Portsmouth, NH in the 90s. With venues like the Elvis Room, The Stone Church, The Music Hall, The UNH Mub, and bands like Thanks To Gravity, Groovechild, Fly Spinach Fly, Say Zuzu, Heavens to Mergatroid, The Queers, The Bruisers and countless others made this scene a musical fixture and destination not only locally, but all over New England. Help us bring this special place and time to life on screen to share with a global audience by donating to our film, 'In Danger of Being Discovered'.

Thanks so much for your support, Michael Venn

We appreciate donations of all sizes to help bring this project to fruition. Our goal is not only to get this movie distributed, but to be able to do awesome things with the music in the movie, the music the movie was made for, and the bands from the local scene. This film is going to reach far beyond a movie screen and touch so many people - but we can't do it without YOU.

Big goals need big shoulders to stand on. If you would like to make a significant donation in support of the film and the future plans for the musicians in it - which can't happen without the film as a foundation - we would love to have your support. PayPal is fantastic for small to medium donation amount, but because of their fee structure large amounts might be better as a check. Our address is below.

Thanks so much for keeping the music alive!

Michael, Marc, Karlina, Jon, Leslie, Jonathan, and Chris.