Silent Auction Items Revealed for the Jan 27 Benefit Event

It’s time for the big reveal!

We have more auction items coming in every day.  Do you want to donate an item? Contact us by Thursday!

You won’t want to miss these, so get your bids ready for Friday night!

2 copies of “Classical Fear Conditioning” by Fly Spinach Fly – autographed by all band members

2 copies of “Insatiable/Semper Fi” 45 by Fly Spinach Fly on green vinyl

1-2 complete Thanks To Gravity catalog (CD’s) signed by the band

2 copies of “Sonata Brutalle” by Thanks to Gravity

2 copies of limited edition “Start” by Thanks to Gravity (Capitol Records Release)

1 copy of rare Say Zuzu “Live in Germany” double disc/DVD

1 Groovechild tambourine – signed by band

1 cassette copy of “Sick at Last” by Groovechild – signed by band

1 Groovechild caricature t-shirt by Bob Nilsson – signed by band

1 one hour guitar lesson with Bryan Killough

1 one hour guitar lesson with Jon McCormack

1 one hour bass lesson with Tim McCoy