IDOBD Movie Tickets and T-shirts!

As of Tuesday, more than 550 tickets had been sold to this Friday’s event. So I grabbed Mike Venn we raced over to the Music Hall to my our tickets before we missed the boat!

With media buzz building this week, we expect a packed house. You can buy tickets on line at the box office this week (open noon to 6) or on the Music Hall website.

And as a reminder, t-shirt sales at the event will be cash only ($20).

See you Friday night!

Karlina Lyons, Producer

  • Adrienne Lehtinen

    Yes, not only did I snag tix to this fantastic piece of film making and relive many glorious moments of my own music history, but I got the t-shirt as well. And like the movie, it will be well loved. In my delirium of 3:12 am insomnia I wrote a lengthy comment (or perhaps just several comments disguised as one giant run-on sentence) on the production and what I believe is a VERY fresh and inspiring message about each of these amazing bands (and the greater Portsmouth music scene in general 20 or so years ago) facing that fork in the road of the promise of moving up the food chain or not. These guys have balls (of course) but from the perspective of the film, integrity as well. Most excellent!

    • Adrienne Lehtinen

      key piece of missing info: meant to write my lengthy comments are posted on my Facebook page. But this is a more concise paraphrase. 😀